PDFM 5.1

  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Transducer
  • Handheld Meter with large backlit LCD Display and Totalizer
  • Internal Battery and/or AC Powered
  • Built-in 5-Key Calibrator
  • 300,000 point Data Logger
  • USB Output and Windows software
  • 4-20 mA Output
  • Rugged, watertight Carry Case
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  • Application Areas
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  • Specifications
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  • User’s Guide

Product Description

The Greyline PDFM 5.1 is a Portable Doppler Flow Meter that simply clamps to the outside of a pipe to gain pipe flow measurement. Doppler technology means it is suitable for dirty or difficult liquids that contain bubbles or solids, like wastewater, slurries, sludge, chemicals, viscous liquids, and abrasives.

The PDFM5.1 portable Doppler flow meter is ideal for flow troubleshooting, balancing, and checking the performance of permanent flow meters. Fast and easy to operate, the sensor mounts to the outside of a pipe in less than a minute, using the built-in keypad and calibration menu to set up the flowmeter for the application.

The unit is AC/DC powered with built-in NiMH batteries and an external charger. With its 4-20mA output, you can use the Greyline PDFM 5.1 as a spare pipe flow measurement unit in critical applications. Ideal applications for the PDFM 5.1 flowmeter with a non-contacting, clamp-on ultrasonic sensor include influent and effluent pipe flow, industrial pipe flows, irrigation flows, food and beverage manufacturers, pharmaceutical processes, and many more!

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• Raw Sewage
• Aerated Water
• Return & Waste Sludge
• Slurries
• Viscous Liquids
• Pulp Stock
• Abrasives

General Specifications
Spec name: Description:
Flow Rate Range ±0.046 m/s to 12.2 m/s (±0.125 ft/s to 40 ft/s) in most applications
Flow Rate Range Ultrasonic Sensor mounts on any pipe from 12.5 mm to 4.5 m (0.5 in to 180 in) ID
Display White, backlit matrix - displays flow rate, totalizer, operating mode, and calibration menu
Power Input Built-in NiMH battery for up to 18 hours continuous operation External charger with 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz input
Outputs 4-20 mA (500 ohms) when AC powered USB for Data Log transfer by direct PC connection
Data Logger Programmable 300,000 data point capacity, time and date stamped or formatted flow reports including total, average, minimum, maximum, and times of occurrence
PC Software 'Greyline Logger' for Windows Vista or higher. Retrieves, displays, and saves data log files
Operating Temperature (Electronics) -23 °C to 60 °C (-10 °F to 140 °F)
Electronics Enclosure Portable, ABS enclosure
Carry Case Rated IP67 with protective molded foam insert
Accuracy ±2% of reading or 0.03 m/s (0.1 ft/s). Requires solids or bubbles minimum size of 100 microns, minimum concentration 75 ppm. Repeatability: ±0.1%, Linearity ±0.5%
Calibration Built-in 5-key programming with a user-friendly calibration menu. Password protected.
Language Selection English, French, Spanish
Sensitivity Adjustable cut-off, Damping: adjustable
Sensor Specifications
Spec name: Description:
Standard Model PSE4 Clamp-on, single-head ultrasonic for pipes from 12.5 mm to 4.5 m (0.5 in to 180 in) ID with 3.4 m (12 ft) shielded dual-coaxial cable
Sensor Mounting Kit Stainless steel pipe clamp and 150 g (5.3 oz) silicone coupling compound
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 150 °C (-40 °F to 300 °F)


Sensor Cable15 m (50 ft) sensor cable extension, shielded, with connectors
Sensor MountingExtra silicone coupling compound.
Additional stainless steel pipe clamps