FlowCERT Lite Open Channel Flow Monitoring

FlowCERT Lite Open Channel Flow Monitoring

  • Ideal for open channel flow measurement with flumes or weirs
  • MCERTS Class 1 certified
  • Easy installation, simple menu-driven setup
  • Meets BS3680 open channel flow standard
  • Proven non-contacting ultrasonic technology
  • Onboard memory gives 1-year log at 15-minute intervals (optional)
  • Modbus and Profibus options
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  • Application Areas
  • Specifications
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Product Description

FlowCERT Lite enables users to have a choice of 2 open channel flow systems, both MCERTS Class 1 approval. This means that your system will be classified with 0.054% accuracy, meaning that FlowCERT Lite will be giving you the most accurate reading in the world. FlowCERT Lite is ideal for open channel flow monitoring and control for a complete range of flumes, weirs, and channels.

The control unit is equipped with five user-definable relays, enabling initiation of control or indication devices such as pumps, samplers, and remote totalizers. Easy calibration for the controller can be done via the ‘Quick Set-Up’ menu and the maintenance-free ‘fit and forget’ performance means that you can install the FlowCERT Lite rapidly and with confidence.


• High Accuracy Flow on Flumes and Weirs
• Area x Velocity Applications;
• Open Channels
• Influent/ Effluent Flow Monitoring
• Effluent Discharge Monitoring

General Specifications
Spec name: Description: 
Controller Body Dimensions: 235 mm x 184 mm x 120 mm (9.25 in x 7.24 in x 4.72 in)
Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Cable Entry Detail: 10 cable entry knock outs, 5 x M20, 1 X M16 underside, 4 x 18mm dia (PG11) at rear
Maximum Separation: 1,000 m (3,280 ft)
Max. and Min. Temperature (Electronics): -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +120 °F)
On Board Programming: By Integral Keypad
Programming Security: Via Passcode (user selectable and adjustable)
Power Supply: 115 V AC +5% / -10% 50/60 Hz, 230 V AC +5% / -10% 50/60 Hz, 22-28 V DC, 10 W maximum power (typically 6 W)
Options:  Description:
MCERT Class 1 system - 0.054% accuracy FlowCERT Lite, dB3 Transducer and external PT100 Class B3 temperature compensation sensor
MCERT Class 1 System - 0.193% accuracy FlowCERT Lite, dB3 transducer with double sun shields (internal temperature compensation)
Industrial Automation Protocols RS485 Modbus & Data logging
Profibus and Data logging V1
Data logger SD Data Card Logger with additional logging capacity
Mounting brackets Mounting bracket for transducers includes partnered transducers such as MF and dBMACH3


  • IP65
  • CE Approval
  • Flammable Atmosphere Approval: Safe Area: Compatible with approved dB transducers


FlowCert Lite Datasheet

FlowCert Lite Manual