Bargrafik Gösterge PMS-770T

  • 4…20 mA, 0…20 mA veya 0-10 V
  • 4 adet röle çıkışı
  • 4 x 9 mm LED gösterge, 20 nokta çubuk grafik
  • İzoleli Pasif akım  4-20 mA çıkışı
  • Koruma: IP 54
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Ürün Açıklaması

The programmable digital indicator model PMS-770T is a panel meter for a wide range of industrial applications. Provides measurement of voltage and current process signals, analogue signal retransmission and ON/OFF relay control. The PMS-770T has a four –digit LED display (9 mm high, green colour) and a 10-points three-colour bargraph. The alarm values are shown on four red diods situated on the front panel and additionally marked on the bargraph. A multi-segment characteristic can be freely definable by the user.
The PMS-770T enables programming the following parameters:

  • type of input
  • measuring range on a LCD display, decimal point position
  • level and individual hysteresis of action of relays
  • relays operation mode: NO or NC
  • user’s characteristic (segmental approximation, max. 10 points)
  • filtering time-constant
  • range of analog output signal
  • bargraph mode: one or three colours
  • Input signal: 0/4...20 mA or 0...10 V
  • Display range: -999 to 9999
  • Display error: ±0.25%
  • Relay outputs: 4 × 1 A/250 V AC, NO
  • Power supply: 90 - 260 V AC
  • Integrated power supply: 24 V DC stab., max. 25 mA
  • Operating temperature range: 5…40°C
  • Storage temperature: -10…70°C
  • Fully isolated passive output: 4-20mA
  • Casing: panel type, IP-54 (from the front)

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