Temperature displays

  • Bimetallic Thermometer 06.TB8

    Bottom stem entry, back stem entry or every angle stem.
    Dial diameters 60, 80, 100, 125 or 150 mm.
    Ranges -50 up to +500°C.
    Heavy duty industrial construction.
  • Portable Type Digital Thermometer C100/110/120

    • Large and illuminated display
    • Integrated Real Time Clock (Date & Time)
    • °C and °F switcheable
    • Functions: Hold, MAX, MIN, Average
    • One and two calibration points (Polynom)
    • Unique THUMB-WHEEL single hand operation (all functions to be selected with your thumb
  • Gas Thermometer 06.TG8

    With capillary or rigid stem. Ranges from -200 to +600 °C. All stainless steel, heavy duty construction. They are built to resist the most severe operating coditions created bye the ambient environment and the process medium.


  • Portable Type Digital Thermohydrometer C200/210, E200

    • E200: large display
    • C200 and C210: extra large display
    • Dew point calculation
    • Absolute humidity calculation
    • Unique THUMB-WHEEL single-hand operation
    • °C and °F switcheable
    • Functiones: Hold, MAX, MIN, Avg.
    • C200 and C210: Adjustable auto-off,
    • Integrated real-time clock
    • One point calibration (Temperature)
    • Two point calibration (relative Feuchte) (E200: One point cal.)