• Bend Packers OP

    Bend packers thanks to their construction are suitable for repairing in bend parts of pipelines at an angle from 45°to 90°.

  • Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter TTFM 6.1

    • Enhanced Performance
    • Wide Range of Applications
    • Easy to Install and Configure
    • Non-Contacting Clamp-on Ultrasonic Transducers
    • Works on a Large Variety of Pipe Materials and Sizes
    • Large Backlit Flow Rate Display and Totalizer
    • Isolated 4-20mA Output
    • 2 Programmable Control Relays
    • Optional MODBUS RTU Output
    • Application Optimization Available
    • 128MB Data Logger
  • Flexible Packers FP

    Flexible packers are provided with a single-layer rubberized-fabric sleeve with metal faces with wheels to ensure the stability of the packer in the pipeline.

  • Portable Ultrasonic Transit Time Flow Meter AFLO-TTP

    • Backlit LCD Display
    • Simple –16 key Calibration
    • Built-in data-logger
    •  High accuracy measuring
    • Wide measuring range from DN15 to DN6000
    • RS-232 serial interface
  • Magnet Type Surface Temperature Sensor

    • Measure Surface Temperature of Ferrous Materials
    • Spring-Mounted Probe
    • 100 ohm RTD element, Alpha = 0.00385, Class B
    • PVC insulated leads, 3 wire configuration
    • Operating range: 14ºF to 212ºF (-10ºC to +100ºC)
    • Powerful 6kg Pull Magnet
    • Variety of Cables Available
  • Leak Sealing Bags TV

    Leak sealing bags for cracks are used for quick and temporary sealing of damaged cisterns, tanks and barrels. This is done by attaching the bag by tensioning belts and its inflation.

  • Sealing Wedges TK

    Sealing wedges are used to seal cracks and smole holes from safe distance. Can be operated by one person only. They are applied mainly on broken tanks, cisterns, barrels and pipes.

  • Leak Sealing Bandages TB

    Leak sealing bandages are used for quick sealing of pipes from 5 to 48 cm. They are manufactured from chemically resistant material. Sealing is made by wrapping the bandage around the piping, fixing the tensioning belts that are attached to the bandage and inflating the bandage.

  • Rubbermoulded Parts

    There is a wide range of mechanical-rubber parts manufactured by our company. The parts are produced on classic electric-heated moulding machines.

  • Lifting Bags ZP

    Lifting bags enable rescuers to lift and remove heavy loads in various natural disasters, to pull people out of damaged vehicles in car or train accidents etc.

  • Testing Set For House Connections DS 8/15

    This set is used for DN 80 to DN 150 mm pipe leak tests with air.

  • Testing Set For House Connections DS 10/20

    This set is used for DN 100 to DN 200 mm pipe leak tests with air or water.