USI Flow & Water Quality Meter

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Product Description

The USI Flow is an advanced data logger for monitoring flow and water quality. With the capability to monitor flow alongside water quality measurements, and an integrated input specifically for pH, the USI can replace a number of individual instruments or avoid having to build a custom PLC in a wide range of clean water and waster water applications.

The USI Flow is optimized for use with Smart Storm non-contact Ultrasonic Sensors which are renowned for their high accuracy and durability in open channel flow measurement, but can also be used with Magnetic Flowmeters (Magflow) for the monitoring of closed pipe flow. Smart Storm Water Quality Sensors can be connected directly to the USI Flow for the monitoring of up to four water quality parameters.

USI Flow sets itself apart from traditional instrumentation by using an intuitive touch screen interface, and displaying real time data and graphs on its 7 inch high resolution screen. This provides the user with unrivaled accessibility and clarity of information, and allows field users to access information instantly. The USI software is as intuitive and simple to operate as a home computer, which makes both programming and operation simple and efficient for engineers and operators.

Windows Based Programming
Beautifully Simple – Windows CE is now recognized as a reliable and easy to use operating system. We are all familiar with its use in everyday life from computers to ATM machines. Smart Storm are proud to be the first company in this field to take the step forward to integrate Windows based programming into an industrial process and control instrument.

Intiutive Programming
Hence, the USI offers a new dimension in intuitive programming. The software is wholly consumer orientated and intentionally designed to give the user a positive programming experience, without confusion and without uncertainty.

Stunning Display
The USI uses a 7” TFT full colour 840×480 display to give sharp images and clear programming screens. In level applications tank shapes are selected from a pictorial map which does away with complicated programme selection as used by other manufacturers.

Ultrasonic sensors
its ultrasonic sensors are known for their reliability and highly accurate measurement

Data Report
The USI is unique in that the user can display data reports and time elapsed graphs of all measured data directly on its own graphics display without the need to download to a PC or laptop.

Multiple Communications
The USI has it all – Ethernet connectivity for fast communications, 3×4-20mA inputs and 2×4-20mA outputs, a configurable UART for RS422 or Modbus connection and two USB ports for fast downloading of data.

High Performance as Standard
Incorporating the latest ARM and FPGA processors, full colour 7” graphics display, resistive touchscreen and 512Mbytes of storage the USI is faster and more fluid than any other product available

Vast Storage
The USI has up to 20 years of storage capacity for environmental measurement data.

Remote Monitoring
The USI display screen can be viewed on a remote computer or through a GPRS modem. So at all times you can view the status of the USI without having to leave the office.

Water Quality Monitoring
1. Remote meters: Remote meters with 4-20mA outputs can be directly to the USI and scaled appropriately through the interactive menu.
2. Intelligent Modbus sensors are available from Smart Storm for environmental monitoring and up to 8 sensors can be daisy chained into the USI.

  • Open Channel Flow
  • Closed Channel Flow
  • Effluent Flow
  • Process Flow
  • Liquid and Solid Level
  • Pump Control
  • Pen-stock Control
  • Surveys
  • Irrigation Flow
  • Urban wastewater treatment
  • Industrial effluent treatment
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Drinking water
  • Wastewater
  • Sea water
  • Sanitation network
  • Lakes and Rivers
  • Pure mountain water

User Interface

  • Display: 7.0″ High Resolution Full Colour TFT LCD Graphics Display 800×480 Anti-Glare
  • Programming: Touch Screen or Remote Keypad via USB Port
  • Operating System: Windows CE 6.0 R3 (licence included)


  • Dimensions (mm): 234(H)x264(W)x142(D)
  • Ratings: IP65/DIN VDE 60529 NEMA 12
  • Approvals: ABS Lid UL94 HB/1.6 Polyamide Base UL94 VO/1
  • Mounting: 4 Fixed holes (Optional Wall Brackets or DIN Rail Holder)

Outputs & Communications

  • Analogue: 3×4.20MA Inputs & 2 Isolated Outputs (0.1% resolution) or 0-20mA User Programmable (0.1% resolution)
  • Digital 1: Standard Ethernet
  • Modbus: 8 x RS485, RTU and ASCII, Baudrate: 9600 or 19200,Parity: None, Even or Odd, Databits: 8, StopBits: 1
  • Digital 2: 2xUSB External 1xUSB Internal
  • Relays: 6 User Programmable SPCO Rated at 16A @230VAC


  • Supply (AC): Universal Power Supply 85 -240V ~ 1.2A
  • Supply (DC): 18 – 30V (Optional)

Electronic Performance

  • Processors: Dual Processors with SPARTAN 3AN FPGA and ARM11 CPU
  • Internet Access: Via Ethernet (or optional Wi-Fi)
  • Logger: 512MB NAND Flash plus Internal SD Card
  • Temperature Range: -20oC to +70oC (- 4oF to + 176oF)


  • Measurement Parameters Direct: Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Salinity, pH, Temperature, Turbidity (TSS)
  • Measurement Parameters Indirect: Any scalable 4-20mA input from external device or sensor
  • Logger: Up to 20 years logging capability, additional via Cloud Storage
  • Programmability: User Configurable Display for Graphical and Text Presentation, Colour Choice, Relays


  • Connectivity: Wifi, external GPRS modem

USI water Quality Brochure