Magnet Type Surface Temperature Sensor

Magnet Type Surface Temperature Sensor

  • Measure Surface Temperature of Ferrous Materials
  • Spring-Mounted Probe
  • 100 ohm RTD element, Alpha = 0.00385, Class B
  • PVC insulated leads, 3 wire configuration
  • Operating range: 14ºF to 212ºF (-10ºC to +100ºC)
  • Powerful 6kg Pull Magnet
  • Variety of Cables Available
  • Description
  • Application Areas
  • Specifications

Product Description

A Pt100 RTD with integral magnet designed for surface temperature measurement of ferrous metals. An extremely powerful magnet makes this RTD sensor ideal for heavy duty applications where the surface temperature of ferrous materials needs to be measured. Simple, non-intrusive magnets hold sensors securely in place on many horizontal and vertical metal surfaces. Magnetic connections on the end of the sensors easily attach to the outside of the process, eliminating the need for screws, welds or clamps. Decreases installation and maintenance costs for low-temperature applications on virtually any magnetic surface. The magnet can be applied as a permanent sensor or ideally it can be positioned and easily moved. The spring loaded tip will ensure good connection with the surface to be measured. It is designed to maintain a positive contact on regular and irregular surfaces and provides fast and accurate temperature measurement.

  • Energy and Power plants
  • Cooling and heating system
  • Mining
  • Process industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Machinery, plant and vessel construction.

Technical Specifications:

Connecting cable: PVC, temperature range:-10℃~+105℃

Sensor element: Pt100

Tolerance : Class B: △t=±(0.30 + 0.005 |t| )℃

Sensor element: Pt100 in 3-wire circuit

Cable length (L): 10, 30 m ;

Note: other lengths as per customers requirements.