Capsule Manometers

Capsule  Manometers are suitable for all gaseous media that will not obstruct the pressure system.

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Product Description

Capsule Pressure Gauges (wetted parts in copper-alloy), for low pressures, for gaseous media only


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Gas processing industry
  • Filter or air conditioning monitoring
  • Laboratory applications.

Case: 1.4301, DS 63 or DS 100

Seal: NBR

Protection: IP 45

Connection: DS 63: 1/4" BSP M in brass (Flats 14) DS 100: 1/2" BSP M in brass (Flats 22) Other threads (e.g. NPT) on request

Pressure element: Capsule, copper alloy

Movement: Brass, wear parts argentan

Pointer: Aluminium, black

Dial: Aluminium, white, black figures according to EN 837-3

Window: plexiglass

Zero point adjustment: Adjusting screw in dial.

Accuracy: Class 1.6 (±1.6% FS)

Temperature error: Reference temperature +20/C Raising temp.: +0.3% FS / 10K Falling temp.: -0.3% FS / 10K

Ambient temperature: -25/C...+60/C

Medium temperature: max. 100/C

Overpressure:1.3 x full scale value

Ranges: according to Norm DS 63: 0/25 mbar to 0/1000 mbar, DS 100: 0/16 mbar to 0/1000 mbar Pressure, Vacuum and Compound.

Options: C Special dial (logo, special graduation etc.)