Bimetallic Thermometer 06.TB8

Bottom stem entry, back stem entry or every angle stem.
Dial diameters 60, 80, 100, 125 or 150 mm.
Ranges -50 up to +500°C.
Heavy duty industrial construction.
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Product Description

Bimetallic Thermometers are designed for use in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrolchemical processing industries. They are built to resist the most severe operating conditions created by the ambient environment and the process medium. An TIG welded case/bulb strengthens the whole construction. A leak tight fit is ensured if the instrument is filled with a dampening fluid to prevent damage due to vibration.

Bimetallic Thermometers are food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical processing industries.

Measuring range: the C° measuring range has been marked by two "▼" stamped on the dial. They represent the temperature span recommended for the use of instruments as per DIN 16203.

Accuracy: class 1,0 as per DIN 16203.

Ambient temperature: -25...+65 °C.

Working temperature: continuous from -50 °C to +450 °C; intermittent only between 450 °C to 500°C.

Overtemperature limit: 30% of full scale range for temperature ≤400 °C; max 500 °C.

Special overtemperature (option F02): 100% of full scale range for temperature ≤150 °C; 50% of full scale range for temperature tra 150 °C e 300 °C; max. 500 °C.

Max working pressure: 15 bar (without thermowell).

Protection degree: IP 55 as per IEC 529.

Process connection: AISI 316

Bulb: ø 6-6,4-8-9,6 mm. AISI 316 st. st.

Measuring element: bi-metal spiral shaped.

Welding: AISI 304 TIG.

Case: AISI 304

Ring: AISI 304 bayonet lock.

Window: glass.

Dial: aluminium white with black markings.

Pointer: black anodized aluminium.

Zero-Adjustement: external zero-adjustment screw.


Gasket: EPDM.