Product Tag - electronic calibrator

  • Electronic Pressure Calibrator LEC 200

    Multi-Function Calibrator LEC 200  

    • Highest accuracy in class up to ±0.015% of reading.
    • Source / Read thermocouples (13), RTDs (19; ohms, current, voltage, frequency and pulse trains (only source).
    • Isolated mA / V read-back circuit for complete transmitter calibration.
    • Programming of setpoints to speed up calibration tasks.
    • Entry of custom RTD coefficients.
  • Electronic Pressure Calibrator TLDMM

    Digital Reference Pressure Indicator Type TLDMM (electronic Pressure Calibrator)

    • Accuracy: ±0.05% v.E., Ranges up to 2000 bar available
    • 1 year autonomy without recharging (battery operated)
    • Pressure units “bar”, “mbar”, “psi”, “MPa”, “kPa” switcheable
    • PEAK function (positive and negative)
    • Digital Filter (programmable)
    • Pressure connection: 1/2″ BSP male
    • Clear easy to read LCD display with large numbers
    • Including S.I.T. Calibration Certificate (similar to DKD cert.)
  • Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC 200

    Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC 200, changeable pressure sensors

    • Very simple operation, easily-read display (backlighting selectable)
    • Changeable reference sensors (plug & play) this means, up to 10 pressure ranges with one instrument
    • Ranges from 0…5.8 psi (400 mbar) up to 0…87000 psi (6000 bar)(also vacuum-, compound- and absolute pressure ranges)
    • Accuracy up to 1000 bar: ±0.025% f.s.; up to 6000 bar: ±0.1% f.s.
    • Logging function, pressure rate, min-/max value, Bargraph, Tare
    • Issue calibration certificates with optional PC-Windows®-software LPC-Cal
    • Pressure calibration kit’s, complete with calibration hand pumps as portable pressure source
    • Chargeable Lithium-Ion battery, incl. Charger, USB-interface
    • Switchable pressure unit PSI, bar, mbar, kPa, mmHg, in Hg.
  • Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC 300

    Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC 300 measures pressure, voltage and current and supplies 24 VDC as source for transmitter. Calibration procedures can be pre-defined and used for calibrations on site. Thel LPC 300 is featured with USB- and RS232-interfaces and is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery (rechargeable, without memory-effect).